The Story of Reversing Bleeper’s

Once upon a time...

Bleeper’s were fitted to motorcycles as an audible reminder to the rider that the bike’s direction indicators were operating.

Now this piercing sound was effective in overcoming the bike’s engine noise and penetrating the rider’s helmet, but of course everyone around could also hear the noise.

Then one day someone had the idea of putting bleeper’s onto Pelican Crossings as a “safe-to-cross” sound.

Since one bleeping sound is much the same as another, unfortunate pedestrians waited for the bleep, crossed the road and were promptly mown down by approaching motorcycles.

To remedy the problem the bleeper’s were removed from the motorcycles and promptly fitted to commercial vehicles as reversing alarms!

Is it really a surprise that pedestrians step out behind reversing vehicles?

Fact is the human voice is the most effective means of audible communication. We are talking about a real human voice, not a robotic computer synthesized voice.

  • An authoritative voice commands attention and simply cannot be ignored.
  • The message is specific and cannot be confused with any other sound.
  • It can deliver a precise warning, such as “this vehicle is reversing”
  • The voice can give a clear instruction, such as “driver...apply the handbrake”
  • The human voice is directional and immediately identifies the location of the danger. With no thinking time it produces an instant response.
  • The sound of the human voice dissipates over a short distance and does not cause noise nuisance or confusion in irrelevant locations i.e. it can be heard only where it matters.
  • We still supply and install the standard  type bleeper