Car Tech Autos has being developing for over 10 years supplying safety equipment for Motors Cars, Light Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Goods Vehicles, and Plant Machinery.

Having based our self on the future demand for securing the motor industry, we provide solutions to improve common work in line with Health & Safety and best work practice.

Our keen knowledge of the Motor industry has helped us to give a helping hand in providing a wide range of safety equipment to clients for all makes of vehicles and plant, these improvements are:

  • Plant tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Reversing cameras
  • Beacons and light-bars
  • Hand wash basins (with hot running water)
  • Hands-free phone kits
  • Reverse bleepers
  • Van interior racking
  • Interior lighting
  • Van security locks

locking1Please take a few minutes to look over this brochure and see how we can optimise your safety, I invite you to contact us today to discuss how we can help you, this is a no obligation call that can help you comply with vehicle safety.

The Plant tracking system is a unique device utilizing mobile phone and Radio Frequency technology. Very small and totally portable with over 1 year battery life, the tracker can be deployed almost anywhere on plant, giving owners more options and the thieves less chance of success.

(We recovered this piece of plant even though it had the biggest jamming device we have ever seen.)


A tracking solution needs to address the significant problem with theft, With sites that are hard to secure and the plant on hire to a third party, it is difficult to implement measures to stop the plant from being stolen. This is compounded by the fact most items of plant can be easily started with a small collection of keys, and immobilizers often offer only minutes of additional protection.

 (we recovered these two telehandlers on a curtain sider getting ready to make a trip to Europe)


Plant Tracking

 Although GPS is often associated with tracking, it is in fact a poor technology to use with plant. This is because the wiring is easy to trace and the unit must be able to 'see the sky' with its antenna - and cannot see through metal. This means there are only a few locations on plant where the unit can be fitted and thieves have become well practiced in locating and removing these systems.

GPS offers a lot of flexibility and control of your plant and is suitable for Asset Management (such as hours worked), but not for theft as these features will usually be rendered useless very quickly.

locking2In addition, we have seen a large increase in organized criminals using GPS jammers. These leave your tracking system unable to determine it's location and report back to you. This gives thieves a large window of opportunity to steal your plant and remove the tracking system.
As the system is portable, it can be fitted at a moment's notice where there is suspicion.Its small size means it can be deployed in a variety of places around the plant. Even after a thorough search, a thief can never be sure plant doesn't contain a tracker.

(we recovered this forklift, it is in a concrete lined tunnel and about 100ft long, no gps system would ever work in this purpose built tunnel for stolen plant.)

Live Vehicle Tracking


(pays for itself in reducing 'idle time' alone)
Do you know where your drivers are?

  • Are they using your vehicle 'out of hours'?
  • Are they where they say they are?
  • Are they speeding and giving your company a bad name?
  • Are they wasting fuel?
  • Was it your driver involved in an insurance claim?
Live vehicle tracking can monitor this and more for less than £18 per month per vehicle - fully installed (covertly if required) For all company vehicles.

Whatever the size of your fleet and level of resources you will inevitably face management, legislative compliance and control challenges. Even modest sized fleets present issues associated with duty of care, service intervals, vehicle warranty issues and security.
The top 6 reasons people use the Fleet Management System

  • Cost saving on fuel and pay
  • Efficiency
  • Duty of care obligations
  • Customer service
  • Separation of business and private mileage
  • General fleet management obligations