Cartech Autos are pleased to announce the arrival of their state of the art AIR CONDITIONING diagnostics centre. The diagnostic centre will add yet another string to the bow of Cartech Autos & the service facilities offered to their customers will be even more comprehensive. So keep cool this summer and visit us for all of your Automotive air conditioning service needs & repairs.

Systems lose refrigerant at around 10-15% per annum. This can cause a range of problems:

  • Poor Cooling (Most noticeable in hot weather.)
  • Impaired lubrications (Can cause compressor failure an additional incentive for servicing.
  • Air in System (May cause excessive pressures and corrosion inside the system)
  • Moisture in system (Can freeze and block the system and react with air and refrigerant to cause corrosion.)
  • Most a/c systems will not have been serviced / "performance tested" previously. Therefore, you will find most to be low on refrigerant to need a Service or Re-Charge.

Odour problems = antibacterial treatment required.

Stale or unpleasant smells are a commonly reported problem. The ability of A/C to filter air bourne particles and pollution is undoubtedly a big benefit. unfortunately dirt, grime and mould can build up in the evaporator, causing stale smells or even allergy type symptoms for vehicle occupants. This can be treated easily, offering our customers a valuable service. Odour problems are accentuated when a vehicle is left standing for long periods of time (i.e. after a crash, used car sales lots etc.)

Cartech Autos can provide:-

  • expert technicians
  • fault diagnostics
  • all makes & models
  • climate control
  • de-gas & re-gas
  •  vacuum & leak testing
  • component replacement
  •  air con. system servicing
  • 99% vehicle manufacturer coverage

We use the latest computerised diagnostic air conditioning equipment supplied by auto climate. We can carry out a basic de-gas operation to your air conditioning system to enable a repair to be carried out, or we can carry out a straight forward re-gas to improve the efficiency of your system or we can carry out a full system diagnostic examination & repair.

We also have the facilities to supply OE parts at greatly discounted prices to reduce the need for the customer to go to a main dealer. Nevertheless another way to save £’sss.

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