All vehicles go out of alignment during normal use. Though tyre replacement companies can perform re-alignments, all they generally do is ensure that the front wheels track correctly with basic equipment. This is not a totally accurate solution and can still lead to abnormal tyre wear and poor handling characteristics.

Computer four-wheel alignment will measure each wheel individually and then display current readings to allow adjustment within manufacturers specification which will transform your vehicles handling characteristics, tyre wear and fuel effiency.

Any of the following situations can affect both the cornering and straight line performance of a vehicle:

  • New steering and suspension parts installed.
  • Damage caused by an accident.
  • Driving over pot-holes.
  • Incorrect tracking adjustments.
  • Installing different component parts (e.g. lowering springs).
  • Fitting aftermarket/uprated suspension bushes.

Your vehicle will be checked for alignment and adjusted as required by our fully trained technicians.